World’s Most Diverse Payment Network, Bringing ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to Crypto

PRESS RELEASE. XRPayNet, a cryptocurrency built on XRP Ledger has a upcoming global team focusing on one goal: a globally accepted interface and ecosystem to payment settlements. This is suitable for businesses, stores, peer-to-peer transactions, and anyone selling products or services. While we are challenging existing technology like ClearPay/AfterPay, ClearPay/AfterPay is also our goal. This will enable consumers to “buy now and pay later”, which is almost a first in the crypto industry.

The XRPayNet app is currently in development and promises exactly that. It’s a world-class payment interface for micropayments processed by the XRP blockchain. This ensures very low transaction costs, a fraction of a cent, and super-fast speeds. We are aiming to meet the growing demand for real-life, on-demand crypto payment system systems by businesses and individuals around the world.

About XRPayNet The XRPayNet team is not trying to compete with Ripple and XRP. Our goal is to change the world of payments forever by focusing on transforming the world of online and in-store payments, enterprise-to-consumer payment markets (plumbers, electricians, etc. ), and peer to peer transactions. Ripple, XRP and others are now entering the market. They will be focusing on interbank and international payments markets. We are looking for micropayments and everyday transactions in the market.

Key features

  • For retail environments, payment interface for online and in-store transactions
  • Payments from business to consumer
  • Direct payments can be integrated into the solution
  • Pay later, buy now

XRPayNet’s new interface and ecosystem for settlements will be globally accepted. This gives it the chance to become the most popular payment system in the globe. We hope that you will look at our future vision, where XRPayNet is an integral part of our everyday lives.

Our team just launched their first token sale, with a limited edition. This project is not to be missed.

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