Why the Crypto Industry in Indonesia Will Explode?

Indonesia, home to more than 270 million people is fourth in world population. Its economy is also one of the biggest in Asia. The country also boasts a large unbanked populace, a welcoming regulatory environment, and other factors that make it a great place to adopt crypto. The News Podcast’s latest episode features a local expert who explains everything about the Indonesian crypto community.

David is the CEO and founder of Republik Rupiah, an Indonesia-based research platform. To discuss the local crypto market, he recently joined the Bitcoin News Podcast.

This episode discusses topics such as the importance of crypto education, making a living playing-to-earn crypto games, and the expanding crypto industry in Indonesia.

Republik Rupiah, an Indonesia-based research platform designed to help investors understand the world of general financial services and navigate it with a particular focus on crypto assets, is called Republik Rupiah. This is achieved through education, research, community, and education.