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Who is Justin Sun?

Justin Sun created the Peiwo app, which aims at becoming the Chinese Snapchat. He created the Peiwo application that matches users based on 10-second audio samples and their interests. This application includes conditions like online games, live broadcasts and talent shows. It also promotes a series channels. To date, it has reached more than 4 billion chat matches.

BitTorrent and Ripple

The following information is available about Ripple and Bittorent:

Ripple is the name of the place where Justin Sun began his career before founding Tron. He was Ripple’s chief adviser for two years prior to Tron. Bittorrent was acquired by Ripple for $140 Million in July 2018.

BitTorrent is the company behind Utorrent. It has been responsible since 2015 for 3% internet traffic. Bitorrent is connected with uTorrent, a peer to peer file sharing app.
Hustim Sun quickly rose up these career ladders and made a name in the IT industry.

Justin Sun’s TRON Project

The following information is available about Justin Sun’s TRON project:

Tron is a Blockchain-based platform. Justin Sun created the TRX cryptocurrency, which is the coin of TRON in 2017, with the help of his friends.

Sun was responsible for the rapid growth of the team to create the larger overseas office, while TRON was still in preparation. It took the initiative to set up two headquarters in America and Asia Pacific. TRON, a blockchain technology, is one of the most advanced technologies. Sun defines the new Bitcoin it produces using TRON.

Justin Sun’s Sensational Initiatives

Justin Sun’s extraordinary ventures include paying money to Warren Buffett for lunch. Berkshire Hathaway CEO, $4.5 million was offered in June 2019 to Buffett for a special lunch. The two met in January 2020 for a special lunch.

Dean, founder of noS, shared information about Sun via the social media platform in January 2020. Justin Sun had previously brutalized former BitTorrent employees, he explained. BitTorrent employees sued Sun. In February, his words about the TRONs that he designed were highlighted in a video about a time he spent with McCormack and shared jokes with him.

Justin Sun’s Conflict with Ethereum

The following information is available about Justin Sun’s conflict against Ethereum:

Justin Sun and Vilatik Buterin (the founder of Ethereum) have often argued on Twitter. Sun declared that TRON was a superior and more advanced protocol than Ethereum in April 2018. A schema was published in this context. Buterin claimed that Sun misrepresented TRON’s capabilities via these tweets. Vilatik has previously posted criticisms on Twitter from experts regarding Sun and TRON. Vilatik said that TRON’s future growth prospects are uncertain, and Sun’s cryptocurrency provides incentives for unreliable investments. Sun had announced in December 2018 that it would create a recovery fund to help Ethereum and Buterin (which were near collapse) provided that the dApps are migrated onto TRON. Sun’s tweet did not get a warm reception in the Ethereum administration.

What is Justin Sun’s Net Worth?

Justin Sun’s fortune in TRX valuation is $200 million. Sun is one of the most prominent names in cryptocurrency. However, his entire fortune remains unknown. Sun’s TRX wealth, which does not disclose all of his assets or wallet size, was the only thing that has been revealed. It is believed to have approximately 20% of the total supply value.

Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange that was once valued at $400m, purchased BitTorrent and the Steemit platform for $140m. Sun owns BTT tokens that have a market capitalization of $60 million. It is estimated that it will have a fortune between 200 million and 300 million dollars if all of these data are taken into account. The sensational news was that, despite having such a huge fortune, he requested a small forwarding fund for TRON from US government.

What is Justin Sun’s education life like?

Below are details about Justin Sun’s education:

– Between 2007 and 2011, Sun studied at Peking University.
– This university awarded him a Bachelor of Science in History.
– From 2009 to 2010, he studied liberal arts, sciences and mathematics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
– Between 2011 and 2013, he earned a Master of Arts in Political Economy at the University of Pennsylvania.
– He was the first millennial student to attend Hupan University after graduating in 2018.
– He stated that he was careful to implement all the information he received from his professors during his education.

Justin Sun’s Goal with TRON:

The following information is available about Justin Sun’s TRON targets:

TRON aims to allow video content producers to receive all their earnings directly.
Classically, when content is uploaded on Youtube or Spotify to monetize, platforms get commissions for recycling. TRON network users can earn commissions by uploading directly on the blockchain. Sun wanted to let the TRON community decide what video is successful with TRON. This process eliminates corporate control and censorship.

– It seeks to promote transparency and fairness when using cryptocurrencies.
– It was designed TRX technology that could be traded on quality crypto money markets.
– It has set out to create a cryptocurrency currency that can be used with all wallets, web, paper, mobile, and desktop.

Sun achieved these goals quickly by following through and achieving them.

How Justin Sun prepared TRON

Justin Sun’s TRON preparation method is an attempt at building an Ethereum-based token in just the first step. The TOKEN foundation created 100 billion TRON coins in 2017 and collected a total of 70,000,000 dollars.

Sun in 2018 migrated the Ethereum-linked token to its own Blockchain network. ERC20 coin holders preferred to trade their value with the TRX token on the TROM network. Justin Sun will destroy all Ethereum-based tokens. The total number of tokens in circulation has surpassed 66 billion.