Studio 54 Reveals New Photos and Pixel Art NFT of the Famed Disco Club

Superrare Labs is proud to announce the first ever non-fungible token drop (NFT), created by Bill Bernstein, a renowned photographer and the legendary Studio 54. NFT drops feature Bernstein’s nightlife photos taken at Paradise Garage and Studio 54. Superrare also revealed NFT collectibles featuring 8-bit animations from Studio 54 and music by Jitwam and Teymori.

Studio 54 exhibits NFT photos from the Iconic Paradise Garage and Disco Club

Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager started Studio 54 44 years ago. It was founded during the height of America’s disco craze. The club was instantly a hit and many stars attended, including Woody Allen and Betty Ford, Farrah Fawcett and Liza Minnelli, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Photograph by Bill Bernstein, “3 AM at Paradise Garage,”

The club has since closed, and the company has expanded to Studio 54 Music in 2020. It also has a Sirius XM radio station called Studio 54 Radio. Studio 54’s team has now teamed up to collect non-fungible token (NFT), marketplace Superrare, and released a variety of NFTs. Superrare unveiled four photographs by Bill Bernstein, a renowned photographer.

The Village Voice sent Bernstein, a freelance photographer, to capture candid photos of Studio 54’s latest trends in 1977. The Superrare announcement details say that the four works consist of digitized film photos, collages, mixed-media slide-shows and contact sheets which highlight outtakes that have never before been seen. “Giving context to the golden era in disco + New York City scene from 1977-1981.”

Studio 54 Shows ‘Accurate Pixel Art Animations of Inside the Famed Disco Club’

Studio 54 and Superrare also launched NFT 8 bit video game animations featuring the famous disco club, complete with music. Studio 54 Music released two NFTs, which are “accurate pixels animations of inside the famed disco club.” “Night Magic Vol. “Night Magic Vol.

Studio 54 Reveals Never-Before-Seen Photograph and Pixel Art NFTs of the Famed Disco Club

Studio 54 pixel art NFT.
According to statements sent by the Studio 54 team, a portion of Bill Bernstein’s NFT sales proceeds will be donated towards the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. Sound Mind Live (SML), a charity, will receive a portion of the NFT 8 bit video game animations’ proceeds. SML’s mission is to “bring together music lovers and forward-thinking organizations to build community around mental health and open dialogue – using the power of music as a catalyst for social change.”