Man Kidnaps Himself and Runs Off with USD 1 million in Bitcoin

Venezuela’s largest police department says a cryptocurrency broker faked his own kidnapping in order to disappear with his customers’ Bitcoin funds valued at around $ 1.15 million

Police Suspect a Bitcoin Scam

According to El National and an Instagram post from Douglas Rico, head of the Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC, translated as the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations), the broker, Andrés Jesús Dos Santos Hernández, is a 23- year-old “financial advisor” who had access to his customers’ tokens and kept them in wallets on the Binance crypto exchange.

However, Rico reported that Hernández claimed he was kidnapped and threatened, leaving him with no choice but to access the wallets and withdraw funds to “a number of different wallets” belonging to his attackers. Rico pointed out that the CICPC, which reports to the Justice Department, doesn’t believe Hernandez’s claim – and that the agent is now on the run.

The authority wants to bring charges against Hernández for money laundering and fraud, Rico continued. Last year, a Binance user from Venezuela was allegedly defrauded of a whopping 91 BTC ($ 4.36 million).

Criptonoticias reported that a 29-year-old Venezuelan residing in the United States was tricked into handing over his tokens on the advice of a scammer posing as Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao

Malware Software Steals Crypto

The imposter CZ had seen a picture the man posted online showing his young son selling lemonade and cookies for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and started a conversation that eventually ended with the imposter giving the man a new app that offered rewards for transactions between wallets.

The man downloaded the app properly and turned out to be malicious malware that instead transferred its money from its account to a wallet controlled by the fraudster. The police warned that one should never provide personal details to unregulated financial advisor.