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Highest Paying Post Graduate Degrees in Finance

Many Post Graduate Degrees are available in Finance. These degrees can help you land a top-paying job. High-paying jobs can be found at top universities that offer finance programs. Bright students love finance programs because they allow them to plan their career in Investment management, Portfolio Management, Banking, Investment banking, Private Equity and Hedge Fund management. They could also become actuaries or personal financial advisors.

The US Department of Labor predicts that the job prospects for Finance graduates will grow by 20% through 2018. Master of Finance – M.Fin. A Master of Finance, also known as Master in Finance, is a degree that prepares students for highly paid careers in investment management, corporate finance and analysis. M.S.F, Master of Science In Finance or MSc in Finance is the same degree but with a different title.

A MBA without a specialization in Finance wouldn’t have covered many of the topics covered by M.Fin. A general MBA program covers general business aspects such as human resource management, operations management, and other areas. M.Com. M.Com. and MSM in Financial Management cover the same topics as M. Fin, but the emphasis is on theory. Master of Financial Economics is focused on theories and models, and emphasizes the theoretical side of finance. CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst can be compared with M. Fin. CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst designation can be compared to M. Fin. However, CFA is more focused on portfolio management and investment analysis.

CFAs – Chartered Financial Analysts and CPAs – Certified Public Accountants are the highest-paid jobs. CFPs – Certified Financial Planners are also a common choice. Securities industry can be ruled by professionals who have FINRA licenses, such as Series 7 and Series 63. To acquire licenses or other designations, you must complete a course of study.

Graduates of M.Fin Post from Princeton University, University of Chicago, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are among the most highly paid in the world. In its highly successful Post Graduate Finance Program, Princeton University emphasizes topics such as Financial Economics, Computational Methods, and Financial Engineering. MIT offers a one-year course that allows students to write a master thesis. Dartmouth College, Northwest University, and Stanford University all have MBAs that are proud to call their alma mater.

Your job search strategy and personal abilities are key to securing a Finance job. Companies are looking for candidates who can meet their needs strategically.