Grayscale Investments Launches Defi Fund Offers 15 Crypto Investment Products

Grayscale Investments launched a decentralized financing (defi-) fund. The decentralized finance (defi) fund is the 15th investment product of crypto asset manager and its second diversified product. Grayscale CEO said that the emergence decentralized finance protocols are clear examples of technologies that could redefine the future financial services industry.

Grayscale Debuts Decentralized Finance Fund

Grayscale Investments, one of the largest digital currency asset managers in the world, announced Monday that it launched its latest diversified investment product, Grayscale Decentralized Finance Fund.

The Grayscale Defi Fund provides investors with exposure to a range of industry-leading defi protocol options, according to the announcement.

Grayscale’s 15th investment product is the Grayscale Defi Fund, which is also its second diversified fund offering.

Grayscale Large Cap Fund, its other diversified fund was recently registered as a reporting company with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As its third largest component, the fund recently added cryptocurrency cardano ( /ADA).

The newly launched defi fund has a market capitalization-weighted portfolio designed to track the Coindesk Defi Index, also launched Monday. The announcement states that the index’s methodology includes liquid defi assets on an market-weighted basis. Eligible institutional and individual accredited investors can subscribe to the fund daily.

The fund was composed of uniswap, 49.95%, aave , 10.25%; compound(COMP), 8.38% and curve (CRV), 7.44%. Sushiswap is (SUSHI), 4.439%. Synthetix (SNX), 4.422%. Yearn finance ( YFI), 3.311%. UMA protocol (UMA) is 2.93%. Bancor network token (BNT), 2.00%.

Grayscale Investments Launches Defi Fund — Now Offers 15 Crypto Investment Products
Components of the Grayscale Defi Fund. Source: Grayscale Investments.

Grayscale Investments CEO Michael Sonnenshein commented:

Decentralized finance protocols are a clear example of technology that could revolutionize the future of financial services.

It currently manages nearly $30 billion of assets. The company is currently looking at 31 crypto assets to invest in products.

Grayscale has 14 investment products, including the Bitcoin Trust and Basic Attention Token Trust.

The asset manager announced last week that BNY Mellon, America’s oldest bank, would provide its flagship product, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which will include asset servicing and exchange traded fund (ETF) services.