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EverRise Will Launch EverBridge for Polygon and Ethereum

EverRise proudly announces that EverBridge will be launched to the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, less than three weeks after EverOwn was released for Binance Smart Chain. EverRise’s revolutionary suite of dApps will be made available to both the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains with EverBridge. EverOwn is for Ethereum, followed by EverOwn Polygon on October 5th. This will allow the $RISE token, which can be traded across all three networks, to expand EverRise’s reach and make its security solutions more accessible.

“This is a great time to grow the EverRise Ecosystem, and also to make improvements to our project. This bridge will allow us to take the dApps, blockchain solutions that we have been developing and make them more available to all developers on Binance Smart Chains, Polygons, and Ethereum networks,” stated Suresh Maddineni (EverRise CEO and Founder).

EverRise, security pioneers within the DeFi space is bringing a new approach to cross-chain bridge concepts to protect $RISE holders. Tokens are typically minted and burnt as they move between chains. But EverRise has created new smart contracts that lock the supply within the bridge. This allows holders to transfer tokens from one chain to another without having to pay any transaction taxes or gas fees. Hackers cannot exploit the mint function on the bridge to create infinite mint tokens and keep the circulating supply constant across all three networks. This makes it impossible to use the locking and unlocking mechanism to make three $RISE pairs with only one circulating supply.

EverRise was launched on June 15, 2021. It quickly became a household name for being the first to introduce the idea of a strategic crypto buyback. The project has been forked thousands times. EverBridge will provide separate Strategic Buyback Reserves for each network and an automatic buyback function. As on BSC the Ethereum and Polygon Strategic buyback Reserves will remain locked. They can only be used to purchase and burn $RISE tokens. A new feature is the ability to exchange the native coin for a stable currency.

EverRise will fund the initial liquidity of new trading pairs RISE/ETH/MATIC. They will launch their first trading pairs on October 5, 2021. There will be no presale. The ETH-backed pair will be available for trade on Uniswap, while the MATIC-backed pair can be traded on QuickSwap.

RISE/ETH – Tokenomics – 6% Tax

Holders Get 1% Reward

2% Project Sustainability: Marketing, Operations, Development

Buyback Strategy Funds – 3%

RISE/MATIC Tokenomics – 11% tax (Same as Binance Smartchain)

Holders get 2% Reward

3% Project Sustainability: Marketing, Operations, Development

Strategic Funds – Buyback of 6%

EverRise will also make EverBridge available for projects on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Projects interested in utilizing EverBridge can contact the EverRise team at partnerships@everrise.com

Who is EverRise?

Blockchain technology startup that aims to bring security solutions to DeFi through an ecosystem decentralized applications (dApps). EverRise was the original token to offer the buyback of cryptocurrency. Its unique function allows you to purchase tokens on the open market and then burn them. To use their dApps, $RISE tokens must be purchased. EverOwn was released in September. More are coming soon. EverRise is a platform that aims to add trust, safety and security to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum space.

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