Ethereum-Based Online Casino BC.GAME Receives the Highly-Praised Curacao License

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Just a few years after its launch, the blockchain-based online casino BC.GAME has reached a significant milestone. The team recently announced that it had received the highly praised Curacao License – one of the four most desired licenses in the casino and gaming industry.

Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V.(CIL) is among the most popular casino licenses with global acknowledgment. Although it comes at a relatively expensive cost, it is one of the few that looks into projects utilizing blockchain technology.

Despite the lengthy process to receive such a license, which can take up to half a year on some occasions, and the annual renewal fees a company has to pay once obtained, BC.GAME wants to ensure that its growing number of customers feel as safe as they can, knowing about the Curacao licensing.

Curacao’s reputation as a trustworthy, responsible, and stringent protocol has grown the project’s applicants multiple times in the past few years, which only makes it more prestigious for those who are licensed.

Thus, BC.GAME will have a better understanding with other companies and partners from insiders and even outsiders of the cryptocurrency gaming industry. Therefore, providing enhanced security and an optimal fair gaming experience to the users will become even easier for BC.GAME.

Through this license, the Ethereum-based casino protocol will be able to open up even more avenues for its products. This includes enabling users to take advantage of better games, more significant rewards, easier integration of new currencies, and other benefits.

After receiving the license, BC.GAME decided to take a few steps further to ensure security. To do so, it uploaded to the decentralized storage blockchain, the IPFS, and minted it into an NFT compliant with the EC-721 standard before being transferred to BC.GAME’s ENS bcgame.eth account.

These steps further go to show the flexibility and possibilities developers have when using blockchain and BC.GAME has been among the pioneers when it comes down to the online casino industry.
The license is now available in the open space and can be viewed by users and regulators. This is particularly important in times when the global watchdogs have stepped up their game in trying to implement legislative frameworks around the cryptocurrency industry.

In any case, BC.GAME outlined the Curacao License as the most significant step it had to take to fully comply with the authorities.

“Thank you for trusting us and providing your unwavering support in BC.GAME! We are because of you! Thank you! We aim to provide our players with the best crypto casino experience full of huge winnings, fun, and good times! But, as we always say, Don’t Trust, Verify It! Once again, we thank you, dear players, for constantly pushing us to do the best!” – the company stated.

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