Crypto Currency Roller-coaster

Crypto Currency Roller-coaster

It’s official, 2021 has wiped out 100% of the gains made since January in the Crypto world. Bitcoin has plunged to the $30000 mark and other alt coins have plunged up to three times harder.

Where to now? With technical analysis and signal dealers scurrying about to provide their clients a logical explanation, the rest of us are either sitting on the fence as HODLers or trying to dollar cost average our way into a more positive outlook. The never sell mantra is not financial advice, but an unspoken rule that you only lose money on the way down when you sell. Logic right? But even if its into an abyss?

However the future looks bright, crypto currency is here to stay, regardless of all the banking tycoons and pundits forecasting its demise. They were wrong 10 years ago, they were wrong 5 years ago, and they’re wrong today. Innovation does not pause for a need from the populace, its creates the need, and block-chain has provided that technology need for the rest of society to jump on board. The internet will not be the same in 10 years from now. Decentralization is they key to net neutrality, to financial freedom and to technology creativity to rise above the archaic financial monetary system which seeks to control the we interact with peers.

Every roller-coaster has a thrill, for newcomer every up and down is an instagram story, but for the seasoned carnival visitor, it an opportunity to reminisce back to to the days when crypto experienced cringing volatility and when mining was possible by the average joe. I believe bitcoin and other coins are still toddlers trying to find its way in their new surroundings, that once it has out lived its mood swings, we will see a phenomena that will shape the current online reality and everything attached to it.

Author: Isa Misao