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Colombian Real Estate Platform Allows Users to Acquire Property With Bitcoin –

One Colombian platform for real estate allows users to buy properties using Bitcoin. La Haus is now promoting bitcoin payments to a Santa Marta-based real estate project called Natura City. This expansion is a continuation of the existing platform that has established such a service for Mexico.

Colombian Citizens are allowed to buy real estate with Bitcoin

La Haus, a Colombian real-estate platform, allows investors to directly buy property with cryptocurrency. The platform features a new housing development in Santa Marta’s exclusive Natura City to kick start the initiative. It is located less than 200m from the beaches of Colombia. Construction is expected to be completed by 2025.

La Haus has partnered with OpenNode, a payment processor. This allows buyers to pay for properties using Lightning Network or on chain depending on their needs. You can either pay 100% in bitcoin or a portion in BTC. The rest will be paid via traditional channels. Each apartment is worth approximately 2.19 BTC or 400 million Colombian Pesos.

Mexico: Expanding from Mexico

La Haus isn’t the first to accept cryptocurrency payments in this sector. In November of this year, La Haus began accepting bitcoin payments to finance a Playa del Carmen housing project. La Haus stated at that time that it was planning to expand this payment option to all properties on its platform.

Rodrigo Sanchez Rios, president of La Haus and co-founder, spoke out about the evolution in accepting bitcoin payments.

We believe that Bitcoin will become the reserve currency in the future. We are a technology company at our core. We are naturally pioneers in this technology.

Regulations can make it difficult to use bitcoin as a payment option for real estate firms. The U.S. considers bitcoin property. Any income or loss that results from the sale of an asset is subject to capital gains taxes. However, crypto continues to be used for real estate transactions, such as the purchase in Venezuela of an apartment with stablecoin.