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Business Day

Reach’s new digital brand, BusinessLive, is focused on news about local businesses. We will provide the most comprehensive coverage of national business markets, as well as key sectors in the country’s manufacturing and property industries.

Business Day is a South African national newspaper. It is published every week (Monday through Friday), and is also available online as an epaper. It is based in Johannesburg and edited by Lukanyo Maanyanda. Arena Holdings publishes it. Arena is also the parent company for Financial Mail magazine (previously known as Summit TV) and Business Day TV.

The newspaper was launched on May 1, 1985 and covers all national and international news with a special focus on South Africa’s economy, business sector, companies, and financial markets. The newspaper also features an opinion section that includes several well-known columnists and coverage of sports, travel, arts, and entertainment.

Business Day’s digital identity is on BusinessLIVE. You can also download apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Huawei devices.