Brit Loses $200K in a Bitcoin Scam

After a woman he had sex with on a dating app, an anonymous UK resident parted with almost $200,000 worth of bitcoin. After the scam, the man said he was so desperate that he thought about taking his own life.

“In the Blink of an eye, everything was gone”

BBC reported that a British citizen named Tom, who is not his real identity, was experiencing a breakup in 2020, and he joined a dating app to find companionship. Soon after, Jia, a woman from Hong Kong, approached Tom and they began messaging.

Tom said that he was talking to his online date about their future together. Jia also presented herself as a successful cryptocurrency investor and had “inside knowledge”, which lured Tom into imagining a rich lifestyle with her.

The man said that although there were issues flagging up to him, the trust she had built up with me was sufficient to keep him there.

The woman then asked Tom if he knew any information about bitcoin. He had made investments in bitcoin a few years ago. Jia then directed Tom to an internet trading platform and told him to download it on his cell phone.

The British felt both suspicious and lucky, as he had met someone with insider information that could make him wealthy. Tom was encouraged by the woman to continue investing on the dubious app. She warned him that he would lose out on potential profits if he didn’t act quickly enough. When he discovered that his balance had been cleared, the man invested around $200,000 in the app.

Everything was gone in a flash. He confessed that he was sick to his stomach.

Jia was asked by Tom to explain the funds missing. However, the woman refused, saying that she needed to fly to Australia to spend time with her aunt who was ill. Tom realized that he was a victim to a cryptocurrency scam. He felt devastated and sought help. He admitted that, if not for his mother’s guidance, he may have lost his life.

“I knew I needed help immediately and went straight to my mom. Without that support, I wouldn’t be here. I wanted to do something that would not leave me here.”

The Australian Nurse Who Loses Her Life Savings

Tom isn’t the only one to have his money taken by a scam cryptocurrency scheme.

An Australian citizen, was the victim of a similar fraud. A person approached her claiming to represent a celebrity and asked her to invest in bitcoin using a dubious application.

Rhonda made several investments over the next few months that accumulated all of her lifestyle savings. Rhonda discovered that all her funds were missing when she checked her account.

She was unsuccessfully assisted by the local authorities. Rhonda was able to remain positive despite realizing her retirement plans had been cancelled and she said that she would continue working in nursing.