Bitcoin Treasuries List Companies and Countries Hold 1.49 Million BTC

42 companies had bitcoin in their balances 304 days before. This was approximately nine months ago. These companies had 1,350,073 bitcoins as of March 1, 2021. According to today’s metrics, there are 59 companies with bitcoin on their balances and a few countries. They also have ETFs and 1,499 493 bitcoin in treasuries.

ETFs, countries and private companies that use Bitcoin

Many companies have disclosed that they have added bitcoin (BTC) to their balance sheets in the last 12 months. Even El Salvador has begun to hold BTC in its national treasuries. News reported that 42 companies included both private and public businesses as well as funds. At the time, the company owned 1,350,000.073 BTC. This was 6.43% of 21,000,000 total supply.

Like Microstrategy’s regular announcements about a BTC purchase, Nayib Bukele has been telling the public all about El Salvador’s BTC transactions. El Salvador purchased 21 BTC to celebrate the 21st anniversary, day, and century of December 21.

The Bitcoin Treasuries list hosted on shows that there are 59 companies that hold BTC on their balance sheets and five different countries. These entities hold 1,499,493 BTC as of the writing.

This is $71.6 billion USD and 7.14% of the 21 million BTC supply limit. According to the Bitcoin Treasuries List, five countries now have Bitcoin. Bulgaria is the first. It is not clear if the Bulgarian authorities have 213,519 BTC. Many believe they were sold.

Bivol, a regional newspaper, reported that Vladislav Goraznov, Bulgaria’s finance minister, had stated that the BTC was sold. Goranov claimed that the BTC was sold to “several foreign funds and Asian investors” and that each unit cost EUR15,000

The current total Bitcoin Treasuries listing’s BTC would amount to 1,285,974 BTC. This is $61.1 million. This would result in the Bitcoin Treasuries listing’s total amount of 1,391 BTC if this stash was removed. According to Bitcoin Treasuries El Salvador holds 1,391 BTC, while the UK government has 46.351 BTC, Finland has 1,981 BTC, and Georgia only has 66 BTC.

Microstrategy, Tesla and Tesla are the three top public companies positions

This would indicate that ETFs, public companies, and private firms dominate the Bitcoin Treasuries listing. According to the Bitcoin Treasuries listing, Microstrategy was the publicly traded company with the most Bitcoin at the time. It holds 122,478 BTC or $5.8 Billion in coins.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of the company, stated that 1,914 BTC was purchased by the company on Thursday. According to the Bitcoin Treasuries Listing, Tesla and Galaxy Digital hold the second and third largest amounts of bitcoin in terms of public companies.

The list shows that Tesla holds 42,902 BTC while Galaxy Digital has 16,400 BTC. These public companies are closely followed by Square Inc. (8.27 BTC), Voyager Digital LTD (12.260 BTC), and Marathon Digital Holdings (7.649 BTC).

There are now 39 companies that have Bitcoin in their balances, including Phunware, Inc. (18 BTC), MOGO Financing (127) and Coinbase Global, Inc. (4,482 BTC), Brooker Group’s BROOK (BKK) (1,150 BTC).

Six other private companies also own bitcoin: (140,000), The Tezos Foundation 17,500), Stone Ridge Holdings Group (10000), Massachusetts Mutual (33 500), Lisk Foundation (1 1,898), and Seetee AS (1 175)

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust Rules The Entire Bitcoin Treasuries List, “Who Owns All The Bitcoin?” Lists Are Not 100% Accurate

The list shows that 14 funds have 809-848 BTC, while Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has 648-069 BTC. Following GBTC funds include CoinShares / XBT with 48,466 Bitcoin; Purpose Bitcoin Trust(GBTC) has 22,411 Bitcoin and 3iQ Coinshares Bitcoin Exchange Trade Fund which has 21,237 Bitcoin.

You can get a good idea of how many companies claim to have Bitcoin on their balance sheets by looking at the Bitcoin Treasuries Lists. This is a lot more than what was last year. However, it is not 100% accurate, just like the discrepancy found in the Bulgarian Bitcoin stash.

These lists cannot be cryptographically verified so they can’t help in determining the real situation.

Bitcoin Treasuries List Claims 59 Companies and a Handful of Countries Hold 1.49 Million BTC

Top 13 publicly-listed companies with bitcoin on their balance sheets as of December 30, 2021, according to’s Bitcoin Treasuries list.