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Bitcoin Hashrate More Difficult To Mine Than 3 Months Ago

Bitcoin’s hashrate is steadily rising over the past three months. It rose more than 40% when the network’s havehpower fell below 90 exahash/second (EH/s), on July 5. This trend has resulted in five consecutive bitcoin mining difficulty accruals. Another increase is expected during the next transition.

Hashrate and Antpool

Over the past 90 days, Bitcoin’s overall hashrate (BTC), has been steadily increasing over time. The current network’s processing power is at 130 EH/s. Three months ago, the hashpower was 40% less than it is today.

Antpool is the largest mining pool that has dedicated hashrate to BTC networks in the last 24 hours with 29.7 EH/s, or 20.47%, of global total. F2pool follows Antpool with 23.58EH/s, or 16.2% of BTC’s total hashrate. Pooling captures 13.2% or 19.2EH/s.

Viabtc and Foundry USA are three other top pools that contribute large amounts of hashrate for the BTC network. News reported the disappearance of large amounts of unknown hashrate during the last reports, but a small amount of stealth mining was recently found to have returned. Unknown mining entities currently hold 1.86 EH/s, or 1.28% of global hashrate.

Bitcoin Mining Sees Future Difficulty

The network’s mining difficulty will increase six times in a row as BTC’s hashrate increases and mining pools are shuffling about. It is currently at 2.99% to 19.57 trillion. This would bring it very close to the 20-trillion mark. BTC‘s current mining difficulty is currently 19.00 trillion. It will be 37% harder to mine bitcoin if the 2.99% increase is realized than on July 30.

The difficulty increase that occurred two weeks ago, which was approximately 3.16%, is the same size as the upcoming one. At block height 697.536, the largest jump in consecutive difficulty increases was August 25, when the difficulty increased by approximately 13.24%. Following five consecutive difficulty adjustments algorithm decreases, the consecutive increase in mining difficulty follows.