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BCH House Venezuela Documentary Portrays Cryptocurrency Adoption

BCH House Venezuela, an adoption agency, has published its first documentary about social media. It shows how Venezuelans use cryptocurrency as a way to exchange money. Roberto Garcia, who is the founder of the initiative, shows us how the BCH House initiative reached Barquisimeto, a city in west Venezuela, and how merchants have adopted cryptocurrencies.

BCH House Venezuela & On-Site Adoption

BCH House Venezuela is a BCH adoption agency that has released their first documentary. It shows the progress of the organization in encouraging the use of bitcoin cash both as a currency and as a store-of-value. BCH House’s action is centered in Barquisimeto (a city of 1 million people) and shows how merchants accept bitcoin cash for daily purchases.

Roberto Garcia, founder of BCH House Venezuela interviews these merchants to find out their views on cryptocurrencies and explores how they use cryptocurrencies in their businesses and stores. These locations include clothing shops, bakeries, and many more. A merchant shared the following information about Bitcoin Cash:

Given the current cash and POS problems, it’s an option for customers. Because banks take too long to process the funds, cryptocurrency technology has rendered them obsolete.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency in Payments

The use of cryptocurrency is not new to Venezuela. This phenomenon was brought on by the hyperinflation in Venezuela years before.

This has resulted in a rise of cryptocurrency use in the country. It is now among the top-ranked countries in terms of cryptocurrency exchange volumes on the continent and around the globe. Due to its popularity, cryptocurrency is becoming more popular as a method of payment. Garcia spoke out about the work of BCH House to promote bitcoin cash.

We have a team of 4 executives that is showing businesses the benefits of Bitcoin Cash for payments. Satoshi’s Angels has supported us in this endeavor, using the Bitcoin.com wallet to help us.

Garcia is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency adoption. While he has been focusing his efforts on small entrepreneurs, he and his team will be focusing on larger businesses for 2022 to adopt bitcoin cash. He suggested that malls and other large stores will accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their services.

You can view the documentary now on Youtube.