Adobe Prepares NFT Photoshop Tool

Adobe Inc. is an American multinational software company, well-known for its platforms such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Scott Belsky, Adobe chief product officer, stated that NFTs would change creativity strong> in a recent interview with The Verge.

Adobe Photoshop Tool Helps NFT Creators

Adobe, a software company, has released a Photoshop tool that allows users to pre-construct images for use in non-fungible token applications. Scott Belsky (Adobe’s chief product officer) spoke to Nilay Patel, The Verge’s editor, about Adobe’s deep dive into NFTs.

Adobe Photoshop’s new tool will let users add credentials to allow popular markets like Opensea to read the metadata. Belsky stated that he is optimistic about the NFT industry during a conversation with Patel.

Belsky stated that the “prepare as NFT” option would be available by the end of the month. However, Photoshop has now added the feature and users can enter their NFT credentials.

Adobe executive stated that the tool can be used to package and prepare whatever you are working on, and also provide the ability to attribution for certain popular minting platforms or blockchains.

Adobe Chief Product Officer: “No Changes to the Photoshop Format — Open Source Framework”

Patel, the Verge’s reporter, asked Belsky whether there would be any changes in the Photoshop format. The chief product officer replied no. “Yes, there are no changes to the format. The cryptographic signature points towards an IPFS-powered system that displays the attribution data,” Belsky stated during the interview.

It’s a decentralized storage resource and an open-source framework. Adobe executive added that anyone can cryptographically sign any item from the tool used to create it.

The Adobe chief product officer stated:

And that’s great, because we don’t want this to be anything that is proprietary to Adobe or part of one of our formats, that would negate the purpose.

Adobe’s addition of an NFT tool in Photoshop follows Deviantart and Opensea’s collaboration. Opensea, the world’s largest online gallery of art, created tech to detect NFT infringement. Deviantart announced that it had expanded its system to detect near matches of NFTs submitted over the Internet.

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