Accuweather and API3 Providing Blockchain-Powered Weather Data

Accuweather, an American media company that offers commercial weather forecasts, announced on June 1 that it will be tethering weather data with blockchain technology through hosting an API3 Airnode. 

Accuweather claims that it is hosting an API3 oracle node to allow Web API providers to offer Accuweather’s world-class weather data directly to chain. The service will enable decentralized application (dapps) operators to access weather data through the API3 Airnode infrastructure. Accuweather and API3 both believe the collaboration will provide accurate forecasts and warnings for storms.

Accuweather’s senior vice-president of business development, Paul Lentz, stated in a statement to News that Accuweather’s application and use of Accuweather weather data can have lasting effects in a variety of industries, as well as in emerging markets. We are one of the most prominent weather forecast and data providers to move into blockchain. This gives us a unique perspective on the market and allows us to explore new growth opportunities and ways we can better serve our users.

Accuweather partnered with Chainlink last year

Although blockchain and weather data concepts are well-established, Accuweather announced last year that it had partnered up with Chainlink to offer weather data and insights onchain. American media company Accuweather explained that it would host a Chainlink node. Weathersv is a weather application hosted on the blockchain Bitcoinsv (BSV). Dclimate, an application that provides onchain weather data and is called a decentralized network of climate data, hosts the blockchain Bitcoinsv (BSV). API3 co-founder Heikki vanttinen believes that reliable weather data is in great demand.

Vanttinen stated Wednesday that both legacy and new projects are turning to blockchain technology to improve or innovate their processes. “The need for reliable and transparent data has increased tremendously. Accuweather is an excellent example of this commitment to bringing value into the decentralized space – straight from the source and directly to dapps.” We look forward to the positive effects of Accuweather API in all sectors, including insurance and lifelike experiences in metaverse.