3rd Largest Bitcoin Whale Sold at $56K and Bought Back at $57K

Yesterday, one of the most active Bitcoin whales sold 1,500 bitcoins for $56,200. They bought back a third at a higher price a day later.

  • described by CryptoQuant’s analyst going under the Twitter handle VentureFounder. The unknown BTC whale sold large amounts of 1,500 bitcoins at $56,200 each on October 3rd. This substantial sum was $84,300,000.
  • They also recently decided to sell some of their BTC holdings. They have several sales at their address, including one that was huge for 3,000 BTC on Oct 5th.
  • The primary cryptocurrency had been accumulated by the whale since September, when it was worth millions of dollars. Their last sale in this address prior to October 5th was actually September 2nd.
  • They had now sold four consecutive bitcoins for 7,500 in less than a week. Although it appeared that the whale was making a profit from the dip purchase in mid-September and then made another purchase today,
  • The mysterious whale purchased 494 BTC for $57,300. This is even more remarkable because it was the first time since August they purchased at a higher price after having sold some portions at lower prices.
  • VentureFounder reported that the total bitcoin stash of the whale is now 105,758 bitcoins. This amounts to more than $6 billion today at current prices. They also have unrealized gains of $4.3 Billion.
Third-largest Bitcoin Whale Behavior. Source: Twitter